The Catholic University of America's mission is to foster an environment within which all members of the University community can express their thoughts, beliefs, and convictions without having their inherent and immeasurable worth diminished. 


The Civility Dialogues educates students about the critical skills of civil discourse and provides them with opportunities to practice those skills during conversations initiated by staff and subsequently by students in the greater campus community. 

Our Five Step Journey

  • Encounter the Other - Encountering involves reaching out to others and being entirely present. By encountering others face to face, we get to know others by name, not stereotype. Different does not mean dangerous. 
  • Dignify Each Other - Dignifying each other involves elevating, not putting down. To know each other is to see the inherent and immeasurable good in each other. 
  • Recognize Humanity - Recognizing humanity is seeing the good in each other and honoring the gifts we bring. By finding what is shared among us, a common ground, we see that we belong to each other. Recognize the holiness in all of God's people. 
  • Embrace Vulnerability - Embracing vulnerability is an act of courage that involves recognizing it is okay to be authentic and imperfect. Vulnerability is sharing a piece of your story with others. 
  • Acknowledge Our Imperfections - Acknowledging our imperfections involves reflecting inward and recognizing we do not have it all. By discovering our own limitations, we realize we need to walk together to make it work.