Launched in 2019, Take Flight supports the transition of first generation students to life at Catholic University, capitalizing on the gifts and talents they possess. Take Flight is designed for students whose college application indicates that neither parent has obtained a college degree in the United States. 

Through their participation in Take Flight, first generation students are able to navigate their time at The Catholic University of America with confidence and ease. Take Flight allows first generation students to:  

  • easily access all the resources available on campus and beyond;
  • reach personal and academic goals; 
  • develop healthy habits that ensure academic success; and
  • fully engage in campus life.

We accomplish this through your participation in:

  • a one-day pre-orientation program
  • a series of skills-building workshops
  • a peer-to-peer mentoring program
  • a series of community building activities

Why First Generation?

As a first generation student, you have overcome unique hurdles to begin your college education. Being the first in your family to navigate the college system can be daunting and comes with a series of challenges. You might not feel equipped for the task ahead. You might not know the right questions to ask when assessing your financial situation, getting bogged down by ongoing financial concerns. You might experience culture shock, and feelings of being alone in a big campus. The adjustment can often be stressful and leave you second-guessing yourself.

However, you possess amazing qualities that have set you up for success. Your resiliency, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and other experiences have prepared you for this moment. You being here is not an accident, and you have much to offer to our campus community.

Additionally, recognizing that even trailblazers need someone to support and accompany them, we are here for you. In doing so, we want to ensure your personal, academic and professional success. Our goal is to see you Take Flight!

Learn more about the Freshman and Sophomore programs.  

Here is a list of helpful resources