Professional Staff

  • Javier W. Bustamante
    Javier W. Bustamante Director, Center for Cultural Engagement

    Javier Bustamante is responsible for implementing, coordinating and supporting a comprehensive program of social, cultural, intellectual, spiritual, governance and community service programs that complement the academic mission of the university.

    As the director, Javier serves as a management leader and educator for Intercultural programs and services; serves as a resource for staff and students; supports and promotes the mission and vision of Catholic University; and contributes positively to the Catholic University community of research, teaching, learning and service to the Church, the nation and the world.

    Javier is originally from Peru and has been involved in work with multicultural communities for over a decade.

    Natali Maher Assistant Director, Center for Cultural Engagement

    Natalí Maher works primarily to serve all first-generation students involved within Catholic University's Take Flight program. Through Take Flight, Natalí assures that students feel confident in academic preparedness, understand campus resources, feel supported by faculty, staff, and campus partners, while building a community of trust among first generation college students.

    In her role as Assistant Director, Natalí seeks to educate students on classroom and professional readiness while emphasizing their emotional development; serves as a resource for students, staff, and faculty; and promotes compassion and service through the mission of the Church.

    Natalí is a Virginia native and Catholic University alumni.