Each year, hundreds of students commute to campus. The Center for Cultural Engagement strives to build community among our commuter students, engaging them in campus life. The CCE can help students connect to resources to help them manage all aspects of their experience. 

The CCE regularly hosts workshops for commuter students. At these workshops, participants gain insights into college life and how to thrive academically. Topics of conversation include:

  • How to prepare for exams.
  • How to read college textbooks, tips for note-taking, etc. 
  • How to engage and build rapport with faculty. 
  • College musts: study abroad, internships, leadership, etc. 

Other workshops are designed to help commuter students deal with the stress that may arise because of their busy schedules, balancing family life, work, and studies. Topics of conversation include:

  • Establishing boundaries for a healthy commuter experience. 
  • Tips for studying in a constantly moving environment.
  • Balancing work, study, and home obligations. 
  • Mental health essentials for commuter students. 

Finally, the CCE provides many opportunities that help commuter students to network with faculty, local professionals, and recruiters. Most often, food is provided at these events to help our busy commuter students. 

The CCE also provides a space where students can hang out, study, and eat their meals. We have a fridge and microwave available for student use; as well as a variety of office supplies.