Arabic Club - founded for the purpose of creating an understanding of the Arab culture, the Middle East, and the Arab world. Exposing others to the Arabic language and culture is the main purpose of this club. Any person, no matter race, religion, or political affiliation is permitted unless their views conflict with the well-being of the club. 

Black Student Alliance - builds a strong black Catholic University community; through academic excellence, community service and social awareness.

The Catholic University of America Student Organization of Latinos - CUA SOL strives to respond to the social, political, cultural, and educational needs of the Latino Community and to promote and publicize these needs to CUA at large.

Chinese Club - represents all of the Ethnic Chinese Students, Faculty and Staff at CUA, who were born inside and outside of the States.

CUA Gaels (The Gaels) - is devoted to the celebration of Irish culture, history, and language. We will organize events that will allow CUA students to easily participate in and enjoy.

Filipino Organization of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) - focuses on promoting the Filipino and Filipino-American culture in The Catholic University community.

The French and Francophone Club - is an organization open to any member of the University, is designed to familiarize the campus community with the culture and language of French-speaking nations.

German Club - aims to foster international awareness, language skills, and knowledge of German culture. Working in conjunction with the German professors here at Catholic University we provide an insight into Germany through films, food and cultural events on and off campus. 

Indian Student Organization is dedicated to celebrating Indian culture and fostering inclusivity. ISA offers a window into India's rich traditions through diverse events, from vibrant festivals like Holi, and Ramadan to the spiritually significant Diwali. 

Italian Club -  is dedicated to exploring and learning about all aspects of the Italian culture.

Migrant Rights Coalition is a cultural organization that focuses on the empowerment of migrants, immigrants, and refugees to promote their dignity in our campus community. Empowering these groups is through advocacy, community outreach, and service so that we can emphasize our mission and reflect it throughout the campus community.

Saudi Student Association - serves the Saudi students attending Catholic University throughout their college career. We are an organization that represents the Saudi/Arab culture via events that situate ourselves in the Catholic University community. Anyone is welcomed to join.

Spanish Club - El Club de Espanol - provides opportunities to gain knowledge and understanding of Spanish and Latin American life, language and culture. Additionally, we seek to promote and encourage cultural exchanges among the many students of Spanish language and/or Hispanic descent. This shall be achieved through speakers, gatherings, lecturers, film viewings, and parties.