The Center for Cultural Engagement provides and promotes cultural programming throughout the academic year. These cultural events bring people together to celebrate, make friends, and learn something new about the diverse cultures that find a home on our campus. By participating in these events, you will be able to experience the diverse offerings of artistic expression, as well as religious expression, found in our community.   


Cultural Week | September

Hosted during the first weeks in the fall semester, Cultural Week gives our students an opportunity to learn about the different cultural groups on campus. Plus, an interactive student organization fair invites students to learn about the various cultural and language clubs on campus. Listen to lively music and enjoy some tasty treats. 


Ofrenda del Día de los Muertos | November

El día de los muertos is an important Catholic tradition from Latin America. It is celebrated on our campus through the ofrenda that is constructed in St. Vincent's Chapel. Members of our community are invited to add photos of their deceased loved ones and included on the altar. On Nov. 2, a small gathering in the CCE gives students an opportunity to share stories about loved ones and to celebrate the memory of those who have gone before us. 


Prayer Rosas / Mañanitas a la Virgen | December

As the fall semester comes to an end, we gather as a community to serenade Our Lady of Guadalupe and celebrate the Mass with mariachis. The Mass is followed by a small reception with traditional Mexican treats like pan dulce, tamales, and champurrado


Taste of the Holy Days | December

Cultures around the world have developed beautiful traditions around the Christmas holiday. These traditions emphasize the importance of family, showcase tasty foods, and bring to life the rythms and sounds that make the holidays so special. As a member of our community, you see these traditions come to you and enrich your preparations for the holidays. 


Black History Month Social Hour | February

The social hour during Black History Month features a local musical group and tasty treats from a Black-owned, local business. This is an opportunity to unwind, catch up with friends, and enjoy an hour of lively music and rythms. 


Global Fest | Spring Semester

The center-piece of Global Fest are our student performers. Representing an array of cultural traditions, students show off their talents in an event filled with great food, engaging activities, and all-around fun. Participants learn about cultures present on our campus and learn about the various opportunities to study and travel abroad. 


DC Events

The Catholic University of America is in the middle of Washington DC, which allows the Catholic University community to take advantage of hundreds of events each month in celebration of the city's rich diversity. The Smithsonian Museums are always scheduling free events, so check them out!

Upcoming Cultural Events on Campus