Here are a few resources to help you learn more about ways we can confront racism in our communities. 

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  • Let It Fall is a documentary that explores a decade of police brutality and racial injustice in Los Angeles, that led to the Rodney King riots of 1992.  (Netflix, Amazon Prime)
  • The Force chronicles the Oakland's Police Force two-year attemt to rebuild trust and peace amongst their community. (Netflix, Amazon Prime)
  • The Central Park Five follows the investigation and police pressure to quickly solve a crime that led to the convition of five innocent Black and Latino teens. (Amazon Prime)
  • 13th: From Slave to Criminal With One Amendment takes a look at the 13th Amendment's "loophole" that has contributed to the mass incarceration of Black persons. (Netflix, YouTube)
  • 3 Minutes, Ten Bullets highlights the events leading up to the shooting, the trial, the role of media, and subsequent protests that followed the death of Jordan Davis. (HBO Max) 
  • Four Little Girls documents the heartbreaking story of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing of 1963 that led to the death of four young girls. (Amazon Prime, HBO Max)
  • Dark Girls explores bias against Black women in the world, in our nation, and within the Black community. (Amazon Prime)
  • Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise is a biographical documentary about the writer, dancer, singer, actress, and activist Maya Angelou. (Amazon Prime)
  • Hidden Figures tells the ultold story of three real-life NASA mathematicians as they worked tirelessly to launch a man into space and claim their seat at the table. (Hulu, Amazon Prime)