The weekly Coffee Hours give our students an opportunity to meet Catholic University's faculty and staff. This intimate gathering allows students to learn more about the men and women that enrich our campus with their expertise and day-to-day work. Participants hear about exciting research, interesting life-adventures, and other experiences that have shaped our faculty and staff. Sometimes our guests will talk about the development of their own identities, they will share insights into their professions, or simply make us laugh. 

Here is a list of guests we hosted:

  • Martha Cruz-Zuñiga, Ph.D. - Chair of the Department of Economics
  • Liliana Ducia Amaya, Ph.D. - Department of Anthropology
  • Peter K. Kilpatrick, Ph.D. - President of the Catholic University of America
  • Aaron Dominguez, Ph.D. - Provost of the Catholic University of America
  • Victor David - Director of Residence Life
  • Yssa Resurreccion - Procurement Director
  • Prof. Veryl Miles - Professor of Law, Former Dean of the Columbus School of Law
  • Prof. Regina Jefferson - Professor of Law, Former Dean of the Columbus School of Law
  • Angela McRae, Ph.D. - Associate Vice Provost for Instructional Innovation, and Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Jaime Walls - Associate Athletic Director
  • Larry Stewart - Education Abroad Advisor
  • Maddy Quidzinski - Assistant Director of Student Leadership
  • Jay D. Brock, M.F.A. - Clinical Associate Professor of Music
  • Huey Bodger - Advancement Coordinator, Advancement Services