There is more to college academics. After successfully completing your first year, you will want to make sure you are taking advantage of all the experiences that our campus offers. Many students take advantage of study abroad opportunities. They apply for internships and jobs that will give them hands-on experience in their chosen fields. Others work to sharpen their leadership skills and begin to take leadership roles in student organizations. To help you in discovering these and other opportunities, Take Flight provides an array of resources during the year. 

Skills-building Workshops

Similar to the first-year experience, these skills-building workshops are designed to give you access to resources and information that will enhance your experience at Catholic. Here is a quick snapshot at what topics we will be discussing during the academic year (list is subject to change). 


  • On campus job fair
  • Professional emails & class etiquette
  • Neurodivergent learning & resources 


  • Business cards / free headshots
  • Networking night
  • Interview tips, building a resume, staying authentic, rec packets


  • Student leadership info, applications and how to
  • Failing a class? Class check in
  • Key to class selection & understanding your tracking sheet


  • Writing center appointments
  • Imposter syndrome


  • Leadership styles
  • First gen mixer with other universities


  • Making an impact - leadership workshop
  • Conflict resolution
  • Study abroad


  • Finding your voice in college
  • Scholarships and fellowships


  • First-gen in the working world


The Center for Cultural Engagement provides a number of mentoring opportunities throughout the year. As a member of Take Flight, you will have a chance to connect with a local and national network of alumni and professionals interested in supporting first-generation college students. Here are some of the ways you can tap into this resource that will prove invaluable as you being start your professional career or as you pursue graduate school. 

Networking Events: Hosted in collaboration with the office of Alumni Engagement and the Center for Academic and Career Success, these events will give you an opportunity to meet local alumni and professionals. You will get an opportunity to learn about different careers while sharpening your networking skills. 

CarrerSpringCareerSpring is an online platform that connects first-generation college students to a national network of professionals invested in their success. As a partner organization, Catholic University students are able to create their profile in CareerSpring and connect with local professionals.